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Tax Attorney

William D. Hartsock, Tax Attorney Inc has been aggressively and successfully representing clients before the IRS, FTB and EDD for over 25 years. The Tax Lawyer will fight for your best interests.

IRS Audits

IRS audits require an understanding of the rules, regulations and procedural protections afforded by the IRS to ensure the Audit does not spread to additional years, entities and types of tax.


International tax issues require in depth understanding of the complex relationship between the US Internal Revenue Code and the tax laws in foreign countries. This is as highly specialized niche.


Voluntary Disclosure

The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program allows US persons to avoid criminal prosecution by the IRS and DOJ for failure to report foreign income and assets if steps are taken before the IRS finds out.


Every US person with interest in or authority over a foreign bank account is required to file an FBAR every year by June 30th. This is an information return only, meaning an FBAR does not incur tax debt.

Payroll Taxes

Businesses who have failed to file and/or pay their payroll taxes face some of the most severe compounding penalties and interest in the revenue code. It is critical to address these issues immediately.


Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is the willful intent to make misrepresentations to the IRS in order to not pay taxes. This can result in prison time and therefore requires aggressive expert representation.

Tax Fraud & Tax Crimes

Tax fraud is the allegation by the IRS that false representations were made on your tax return. Tax crimes are the acts taken by individuals with the intent of defrauding the IRS.

Tax Appeal

Once a decision has been reached by a revenue agent, if that decision is not satisfactory then you have the right to appeal. Typically the best settlements come at the appeals level.


Tax Litigation

Tax litigation is requires in depth knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures that govern tax court processes, as well as strategic presentation and expert negotiation skills.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If a tax audit has determined that additional taxes are due from a "married filing jointly" return, Innocent Spouse Relief can allow one spouse to get out of the additional debt.

Joint and Several Liability

The separation of joint and several liability allows a person to be removed from a tax liability that they may share with other parties so long as they meet the terms and conditions.


Tax Collections

The IRS has tremendous power to initiate tax collections procedures including liens against property and assets, bank levies and wage garnishments. These actions can be stopped if the proper steps are taken.

Offer In Compromise

If a tax payer cannot possibly afford to pay off their tax debt, an Offer in Compromise allows a negotiated settlement with the IRS based on a formula that considers all income, assets, debts and liabilities.

Bankruptcy & Taxes

Certain taxes may be discharged in bankruptcy if the tax payer qualifies based on a myriad of rules and exceptions. This can significantly help to people that are working to get themselves back on track.


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Steps To A Successful Tax Settlement


What Is Your Situation? Do You Potentially Have A Case?

Free Tax Consultation

Every client begins with a free consultation where we will look at your case from a high level perspective. In this initial meeting we will seek to gain an understanding of your situation, the current status of the IRS, FTB or EDD in regards to your situation, discuss potential pitfalls and repercussions and inform you of your potential options, the benefits of each and the steps involved.

This will also be your chance to meet our staff and get to know our firm first hand. It is important to know who each of the people are that will be working on your case, their experience and qualifications. If after this initial meeting, you are ready to work with our firm and allow us to take action in protecting your best interests, we will move quickly to dive deeper into the facts and begin collecting the necessary documentation to build a rock solid case.


Using Rules, Regulations and Procedural Protections

Develop A Tax Strategy

The IRS, FTB and EDD all must follow specific rules, regulations and procedural processes that have been designed to protect the rights of the taxpayer. These protections have been designed to mitigate the enormous power of the IRS and ensure that every taxpayer is treated with the fairness they deserve. However, if you are not aware of these rules, regulations and procedures it is easy to make missteps and hurt your case. Our firm will ensure that your rights and interests are best served every step of the way.

Based on the circumstances of your specific case we may know fairly quickly at which level your case will experience the best result. For instance, while many tax lawyers will simply take the best offer they can get from the revenue officer assigned to your case, you may be able to get a much better settlement at the appeals level and in some cases you may need to go all the way to tax court in order to attain the lowest possible negotiated settlement. When dealing with the IRS, everything is negotiations and it is important to understand that the processes you must go through in the early stages are often best used to set up more powerful arguments that will be used at a later stage.


It Is Important That We Know Everything

Collect Facts Tax Services

In order to truly represent you to the best of our ability it is important that we know absolutely everything about what really happened. Thanks to attorney-client privilege the IRS cannot force us to disclose any information. However, only by having a full view of the facts can we ensure that your case is laid out in a way that paints you in the most favorable light.

When collecting facts we will interview you and any other witnesses who may have facts or a perspective that could potentially be used to influence your case in one way or another. This may also include the collection of documents, reciepts, etc. Often this is where we can help our clients save on attorneys fees by simply advising you of what documents should be collected.


Ensuring Accuracy and Correcting Mistakes

Forensic Audit Tax Services

Whether you have precise records or use the shoebox accounting method, mistakes can happen and often times those mistakes can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. If applicable, we will conduct a forensic audit of your financial records to ensure that any mistakes are caught and corrected.

This is a critical step in solidifying your case and being able to confidently present to the IRS in a way that will instill confidence in our presentation of arguments before the revenue agent, appeals officer and tax court judge.


Bullet Proofing Your Files

Organize Tax Documents Service

One of the first things that the IRS, FTB and EDD will look at is the organization of your documents. If there appears to be any level of disorganization, that will cause revenue agents, appeals officers and tax court judges to question the accuracy of your information and credibility of your claims.

By presenting documents that are well organized your case will gain credibility every step of the way and we will gain a powerful advantage in the negotiations.


Arguments That Will Stand Up To Scrutiny

Build Tax Case Service

Based on the facts, circumstances and documents, we will use every known law to develop a case that paints you in the best possible light and demand the lowest possible settlement.

With four decades of experience presenting and arguing cases before judges, arbitrators, and agents from both the IRS and FTB, the tax attorneys at this law firm are perfectly equipped to seek the most favorable settlement terms possible.


Where Our Strategies Gain Personality and Seek Leverage

Present And Negotiate Tax Services

When dealing with the IRS, from the first phone call, to each and every meeting until your case is closed, every interaction is about sound presentation and skillful negotiation. We will leverage every known law, regulation and procedural protection to demonstrate the strength of your case and direct the conversation to our desired outcome.

With over 25 years of experience and as the acting Chairman of the San Diego County Bar Association Pro Se Tax Payer Program, William D Hartsock has significant experience with every local revenue officer, appeals officer and tax court judge that lends insight into the strategies that have consistently found favor with each. This invaluable experience can give you a powerful advantage in each and every negotiation.


Fighting For The Best Possible Settlement

Where most tax attorneys will simply take the best offer they can get at the revenue agent level, it is at the appeals level that the best settlements are typically reached. That is why in most cases, everything at the revenue agent level is really just setting up for the appeals officer level where you will get to negotiate with someone who actually has the power to give you a much better deal.


We Will Fight Until You Are Satisfied

Tax Settlement Services

This tax law firm has been built upon an aggressive, never give up philosophy when it comes to representing our clients. The way we see it, we aren't just winning cases, we are protecting the financial viability of people and their businesses. We believe that you are worth fighting for.